Fresh White Truffles - Tuber Magnatum Pico

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White truffles are one of the most decadent foods in the world – even more precious than black truffles. These highly sought-after tubers are considered so precious because they are incredibly difficult to find and chefs covet them for their powerful, earthy flavor that adds luxury to any dish. Truffles are foraged by well-trained hunters – always with the help of hounds – in wooded areas mostly in France and Italy that are kept secret and fiercely guarded. Cook truffles into a risotto, or shave on top of simple pasta with butter, or on scrambled eggs.

More Details

  • From Italy
  • Choose up to 8 oz.
  • 1 oz fresh truffle serves 3-4 people

About Fresh White Truffles

In Season: September to December.
Shape: More or less round or oval. Size varies from a pea to a grapefruit
Skin: Smooth, pale cream, yellowish, with sometimes bright red spots and a brown cracked area
Flesh: First gray white, then beige or light brown tainted with a touch of ochre with veins
Perfume: Intense, earth, garlic, shallots and grana cheese


White Alba Truffles – Tuber Magnatum Pico

Instructions / Storage

  • To store, gently wrap the uncleaned truffle in an absorbent paper and store in a dry, tight container in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator. The paper should be changed daily and the container must be kept dry.
  • Remove the truffle from the fridge, clean/brush it properly under a thin stream of water and use them right away.
  • When properly stored in the fridge, fresh truffles have a shelf-life of about a week.
  • White truffles should not be cooked

Guarantees & Policies

  • In season, we receive truffle shipments three times weekly to guarantee freshness of the merchandise we send to our clients
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Shipping Details

  • Items are prepared fresh and shipped directly from the shop
  • Gourmet Attitude carefully packs fresh truffles with re-usable ice packs in insulated styrofoam coolers marked “perishable.”
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